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We acquired vast experience in real estate sales, refurbishment and property management working for a number of years for a Dublin-based Irish company in Budapest, Hungary.

We then established West Budapest Estate Property Management in 2005 to provide highly professional property management services for Budapest city apartments.

One of West Budapest Estate’s main objectives is to provide a personalized service management to foreign investors and give them a peace of mind with regards to their properties, tenants and investments.

We have a professional team of legal representatives, maintenance skilled workers and experience of the Budapest property market. We specialize in new built and classical apartments in districts V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and XIII. Our commitment to our clients is second to none.



Our business philosophy is to keep Landlords and Tenants fully satisfied.

To achieve this, we have created our Pre-Booking System.

This System has the opportunity to rent in a more flexible structure which is a basic requirement for foreign Tenants based on promptness, exactitude, good communication, flexibility and also a complete service for foreign tenants spanning the entire horizon of lessees from students to businessmen.

Adapting to new trends, we manage short term (quarter year), medium term (semester) and long term lease agreements.

Strength of success  is “regular” marketing communication to provide personal high level 24/7 correspondence (RED LINE) and availablity towards Landlords and Tenants.

Our Pre-Booking System based on promptness, exactitude, good communication, flexibility and also a complete service for foreign Tenants spanning the entire horizon of lessees from students to businessmen. The Pre-Booking System also ensures the Tenant’s preference mapping.

Another reason of continous renting the periodical feedback to Landlords about Tenant’s opinion and suggestions in relation to properties thereby helping to keep apartments competitively. Adapting to new trends we manage short term(erasmus), medium term (semester) and long term lease agreements.

Property Management

West Budapest Estate Property management service including:

  • changing the mailing adresses for all utilities (gas-electricity-commoncost-water) to our p.o.box
  • organising reservations (Pre-Booking System) lease contracts and signing on behalf of the Landlords
  • managing Tenant handovers and inventory
  • organising all maintenances (annualy/monthly basis like gas circo checking) and promptly
  • organising cleaning before moving in procedure
  • handling security deposits
  • collection of rent and utilities
  • lodging the rent on a monthly basis to Landlord’s account
  • preparing update from income and expenses
  • organising insurance coverage
  • being in touch with the bookeepers regarding our Client's accounts, issue invoices
  • for Tenants from the rental fees and utilities
  • 24 hours phone availability for the Landlords and Tenants as well

West Budapest Estate provide the following services through partners :

  • Accounting companies/private individuals ( PIT report, tax number organisation,building tax organisation etc)
  • Cleaning services
  • Building Energy Certificate organisation
  • Legal advise ( company seat organisation,title deeds)
  • Charges of managment:
  • Management fee is 10% + Vat of the monthly rent.
  • The success fee after 1 year`s rental is 1 month rent, for less then 1 year`s rental the fee is proportionately advised according to the term of the lease.


West Budapest Estate’s architect team can offer number of part and full renovation options. We provide high quality renovated apartment with high standard materials with recorded pre-mid-final status photo reports. Based on this unique system the Client has the continous follow up.

The renovation work can include the following possibilities:

  • Removal of walls
  • Replacing all existing hot and cold water pipes with a new system
  • Installing new sewage system
  • New heating installation
  • New electrical wireing, switches and sockets
  • New bathroom refurbishment
  • Painting of walls, window frames and doors.
  • Flooring and tiles
  • Fully changing or sanding and varnishing parquet flooring

Permits automatically guaranteed incl.:

  • electricity permit
  • gas permit
  • chimney permit
  • gas heater guarantiee

Charges of renovation:

Our organisation and coordination fee is 10% of total cost.

Gallery of some of our work:


Next to the good layout and the quality refurbishement it`s important to think about the well designed furnishing.
West Budapest Estate’s firm provides personalized furnishing packs including:

  • Aparment measure up
  • Personal selection of furniture
  • Photo pack to Landlord about choices
  • Assembling
  • Full quotation
  • Snag photos

Gallery of some of our work:


As an incerasing demand of our clients not satisfied with sales companies in Budapest and  seeking professional purchase procedures  in 2010 West Budapest Estate started to assist and support Clients with a unique service to accompany Clients in sales from the beginning till the end.

This service is managed for a competitive fee 2,99 % + Vat incl. the following:

  • 48 hours valuation organisation
  • advertise the property (http://www.apartmentsofbudapest.com/, ingatlan.com )
  • attending on apartment visits
  • helping on purchase agreement signing
  • coordinate legal represantives
  • signing purchase agreement on Client’s behalf if necessary
  • Building Energy Cert organisation within 48 hours
  • organising utility zero reports( gas, electricity,water,commoncost)
  • organising final handover on Client’s behalf
  • assisting in final closing procedures


From tenants

„We are thrilled to be working with Gabor and Enikő from West Budapest Estate Property Managementover the past year . They are honest and go above and beyond for us, to make sure we get the most out of the property. Their hard working attitude combined with their friendly personality means we feel at ease knowing we are in good hands. We would highly recommend this agency to anyone thinking of relocating to Budapest. „
Mark and Shauna , Ireland

From landlords

“I had the first contact with West Budapest early 2016, I was looking for a property management company which could take care of my apartment in the 6th district. My requirements were to renovate the flat, to renew the furniture, to find tenants for long term periods and to take care of them, collect rental fees, fix rapidly the problems which may occur in an apartment, etc … well usual things one would say but I had really bad experience in the past with other companies. West Budapest not only meet the requirements but they are also very fair, they don’t try to make money on your back, they always tell you what makes sense to repair, what makes sense to replace, trying to find the optimal solution. The management fee is correct, and I always get in time the rentals and the monthly report. The communication per email works very good. My apartment was renovated and furnished very quickly. We discussed the budget before and it was fully respected. I got an invoice about everything. A new tenant was found rapidly as well, almost right after the flat has been renovated. West Budapest also works with an independent accountant that you may use for doing tax declaration and other administrative stuff. All in one, I am very happy with West Budapest and I would recommend them.”
Mr. Fabien Goulabert, Austria
„Dear Eniko/Gabor Just a note to thank you both for your professional management of our apartment in Budapest for the last several years. It was most professional and thorough. Without doubt your company service greatly exceeded our expectations. It is very reassuring to a client when he/she knows that all management and service issues, as they arise , are dealt with promptly and thoroughly. Your diligent and speedy assistance during our recent sales process was superb. We have no hesitation in recommending your company to any future clients. With many sincere thanks,
Edward Daly & Donal Marron, Ireland. Formerly Doned Enterprises Bt - Budapest.”
„We recently sold two properties in Budapest, Hungary. We engaged the company, West Budapest Estate Property Management to conduct the sales on our behalf. This company displayed an in-depth knowledge of the property market in Budapest and carried out the following; Organised independent valuations for both properties Advised on the best selling price, i.e. a good, strong but realistic price so as to ensure a good turnaround time Engaged an efficient, trustworthy lawyer to act on our behalf Ultimately, our properties sold within a few weeks. All legal matters were handled by West Budapest with great ease, efficiency and above all, transparency. We fully recommend this company and would have ‘no’ hesitation in engaging them again for any future transactions. They are in our opinion, a FIVE STAR company.”
Colm & Geraldine Ennis,, Ireland


Move in and move out procedures

We pay special attention to move outs by checking the flat condition, paying attention to utility bills in order to give back the flat in its original condition except regular wear & tear. West Budapest Estate worked out a special appendix as a move in procedure called a general guidance about rules/responsibilities for tenants moving in West Budapest Estate apartments.

Why real estate insurance is important?

West Budapest Estate strongly advises to have a quality property insurance in place.

Properties need to be insured against burst pipes, fire, break-ins, broken glass etc. as these can cause serious problems and would cost a significant amount of money.

What is the importance of professional property renovation?

To guarantee the professional work regarding gas, electricity , chimney and other matters related to the property, proper invoices must be shown to justify the work.
West Budapest Estate pays special attention to the work conducted in landlords’ apartments’ in accordance with Hungarian regulations.

What is West Budapest Estate’s solution to a difficult management handover?

If the handover fails due to money owed (security deposit, rental fee, utilities, communal costs), West Budapest Estate has proper support from legal advisors and accountant experts to start legal proceedings if necessary to guarantee a successful handover.

How is an apartment handover managed?

Based on usual protocol Landlord informs current management company in writing about the termination of the contract and cc West Budapest Estate. Termination notice is 30 days. During that period West Budapest Estate prepares bilingual authorization and management agreement that needs to be signed by Landlord. After termination notice sent, West Budapest Estate manages handover procedure incl.:

  • documents, accounting handover
  • utility status check
  • security deposit/rental fee handover

At handover completion West Budapest Estate immediately changes utility mailing addresses on all utilities.

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